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We started our Lavender Dream Farms with a dream. That dream was to grow a beautiful & healing plant, and to create scent-sensational products that are good to humans, horses and the environment.

Lavender is called the ďAngel of Healing and Purification.Ē It is well known for its calming and relaxing effects, but there are many other applications of this remarkable plant (click on Lavender 101). Humans have used lavender for more than 2000 years to scent homes, soaps, water and to heal a variety of ailments.

DREAMS! Thatís what life is about. They inspire us, make us reach higher levels and create more meaning in our lives. DREAMS create that desire to go beyond, to achieve and hopefully to make the world a better place for everyone.

About Our Products:

We have created two lines of products: equine and personal. All of them are made with the highest quality ingredients, organic botanical extracts and 100% pure essential lavender oil. The Lavender Fly Spray is a new, Natural formula of essential oils and botanical extracts that Works! Our products are beautifully fragrant, environmentally safe and proudly made in America.

We are a Horse Owned & Operated Family Business. Look for our products in fine hay and tack stores. 2% of all sales go to horse rescues.

We are convinced that you and your horses will love our products.

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