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Hello Hay Stores, Western Wear, and English Tack Shops

Why carry our product line?

  1. Because our products are good for the horse, good for the environment, and good for the human.  Example: Most fly-sprays don't last that long.  Ours will give you at least 4 to 5 hours of protection.
  2. Most spray is made from a synthetic/oil base.  Ours is completely natural. 
  3. We are not only the owners of the company, but we are also the growers Of the Lavender. 

The first year we were in business, we sold 800 bottles of Fly-spray.  The 2nd year that number increased to 3,000!  Presently, our products are carried in 48 stores from Paso Robles to San Diego, CA.

Our Marketing Plan

Our marketing plan for you is simple and includes the following, at no cost to you: 

  1. We will run 14 full-page and half-page ads in The Horse Trader, with your store’s Name, City, and Phone Number.  The ads start in late March and go through late October. 
  2. We will come to your store on a Friday or a Saturday and give away free Fly-spray and Real Lavender Sashay Samples to introduce our product to your customers.
  3. We will hold a drawing at your store for both Fly-spray and Spray Conditioning Detangle.

Getting Started

You can begin with an initial order of 8 bottles of Fly-spray and 4 Spray Detangles.  I will send you a price sheet with your wholesale prices. 

After that, the minimum order for free shipping is $250.  Most orders are filled and shipped within 48 hours.

We would love to personally discuss with you the benefits of selling our products.  You can email me at kolvepk16@yahoo.com.  Please include your phone number so that I can call to schedule an appointment.


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